Occasionally, we are graced with the presence of an earthbound angel.  They are unable to stay with us for long, but while they do, they bring us unprecedented joy and happiness to all they touch.

Our precious little angel Jax passed away peacefully surrounded by his parents and family on October 6th 2008.  Jaxon was 8 1/2 years old.  Jax will be missed as he is loved, greatly and his legacy will live on.


This is our son Jaxon. He had a disease called Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE). The picture on the right was taken prior to the onset of this terrible disease and as you can see he was a picture of health. He loved to run and play in the yard and make believe he was a Super Hero, Power Ranger, Jedi Knight . . . a typical 5 year old. He lived life to the fullest and always looked forward to what tomorrow would bring. Unfortunately his life and ours changed drastically.

One thing you should know about Jaxon is that he was a foundling, abandoned at birth, left alone and survived. His first 17 months were spent in an orphanage in the Philippines. When he was 7 months old (too young to be immunized) he contracted the measles with no further complications. At 13 months he was referred to us by our adoption agency and it was love at first sight, we couldn’t get him home soon enough. Five long months later we finally had him in our arms. We then made a promise to him and to God that he would never be abandoned again.

In February 2006 Jaxon began exhibiting symptoms typically associated with epilepsy. The next 4 months were spent painfully watching Jaxon’s condition worsen as we searched for a diagnosis. He was in and out of hospitals taking numerous tests, trying different medications visiting various physicians and neurologists. Then in June we got the diagnosis, we were devastated to learn that our precious little boy had contracted a rare and nearly always fatal disease called SSPE. The cause . . . an altered form of the measles virus.

This horrible disease made Jaxon totally dependant on us for his care. Jax lost his ability to speak, walk and crawl. He had difficulty chewing and swallowing so he was fed carefully with specially prepared foods and we had to supplement with liquid nutrition through a tube in his stomach. His communication was limited to audible sounds, body language and a very brave smile.

Jaxon fought bravely for his life armed with the love and faith of his family and friends. He was a fighter and he never gave up, we are so very proud of him. We made a promise to Jax, we’re not going to abandon him or our quest to find a cure for SSPE so we will continue to raise awareness and funds.

Every time we think of our son we count our blessings and look forward to a tomorrow that will bring the cure . . . Jaxon’s Cure.

Thank you for keeping Jax in your thoughts and prayers and for you continued support in finding Jaxon’s cure.

Paula & Oscar

Jaxon’s loving parents