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First day of Kindergarten 2005

First day of Kindergarten 2005

This is a picture of our son Jaxon, it was taken on his first day of Kindergarten.  What a handsome young man, a typical 5 year old, full of life and not a worry in the world.  A caring and generous son, one that every parent dreams of having.  Little did we know a few months later he would be stricken with a rare and almost always fatal disease called Subacute Sclerosing Pan encephalitis (SSPE) which is caused by an altered form of the measles virus. As you go through our website you will find more information about Jax, his condition, various treatments and links to other related websites.  You’ll also learn more about our organization and it’s primary focus which is to help raise awareness and find a cure.  Many symptoms mimic other disorders and can be easily misdiagnosed . . . early diagnoses is critical.  Knowing this we feel it is our obligation to spread the news about SSPE praying that no other child has been infected by this disease, but if so hoping that information on our website will be of some benefit.   image022

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